The Quality Control System on all the production processes is certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Quality control

Erba Spa that specializes in the production of fittings and small metal parts has adopted numerous quality checks on all its production processes: on the processing, on the equipment and on the selection of raw materials.


Erba Spa that specializes in the production of bearings and small metal fittings has the following control instruments:

  • HOMMEL JENOPTICK for production control of exterior profiles
  • HEADS dedicated to the production control of internal profiles
  • ROUGHNESS TESTER for roughness control on production, post-washing, and post thermal and galvanic treatment
  • PROFILOMETRE for the control of particularly complex profiles, both internally and externally
  • DUROMETER for the control of the hardness of both the raw materials on arrival and the bearings after thermal treatment
  • PROJECTOR for the control of specific areas of the profiles of the products.
  • Calibration is carried out on all the instruments through an external ISO 17025 certified laboratory.


Whether on the raw materials or the products subjected to external treatments, we carry out strict controls of the goods on arrival according to the requirements supplied by the client.

Furthermore, we receive and verify the quality certificate of every single batch treated by the supplier.
The suppliers are approved and subjected to our regular audits according to the scheme of the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications.


When requested by the client, we have a section dedicated to the 100% objective control of production.

We use machines equipped with cameras for the verification of the dimensions of the pieces and the identification of any chip residue. In order to guarantee service that is always faster and more flexible we also have established a collaboration with an external supplier for the selection of all types of profiles.