Metalworking processes in Bergamo
Production of pipe fittings and small metal fittings

Turning of drawn bar fittings

The elaboration of production cycles, statistical control plans, quality control, F.M.E.A. analysis and continual internal updating guarantee efficient production in Erba Spa’s facilities.


Erba Spa has multiple spindle lathes with both cams and number control, as well as single spindle lathes with number control for the production of precision small mechanical pieces and produces from ferrous materials (various iron alloys such as 9SMnPb36, 11SMnPb30, 11SMnPb30 + C, 11SMnPb37, 35SMnPb10, 36SMnPb14, 16MnCr5, 16NiCrMo6, 39NiCrMo3, ETG 88, AISI 303 L, AISI 316 L) and non-ferrous (brass alloys with and without lead: CW510L, CW511L, CW602N, CW603N, CW606N, CW608N, CW614N, CW617N, CW626N, CW724R).

The machines in our workshops are some of the most sought-after technological models on the market and can produce pieces for the client’s specific needs that guarantee compliance even with very strict geometric tolerances.

Download the file with the main alloys we process


We use machines equipped with cameras to verify the size of the pieces and to identify any chip residues.

Quality control

The quality of our products is guaranteed by all the company’s processes. We use work instructions dedicated to each section and sophisticated measuring and testing instruments to check the size of pieces

Checks on Arrival

We carry out scrupulous checks during the arrival of the goods, both the raw materials and the pieces subject to external processes in accordance with the client’s specific requests.


In our park of machines in the two workshops in Palazzago and Barzana in the province of Bergamo Erba Spa has lathes equipped with filters that aspirate and filter the oil mist produced in the production area.

These specific filters ensure the absence of oily particles in the air inside the company in accordance with current regulations and guarantee a healthy work environment.



Ultrasound washer

Both workshops use the latest generation IFP brand ultrasound washers that use a completely vacuum washing cycle in all phases. Thanks to the ultrasound this type of washing guarantees the total elimination of the oily residue from the components produced.

Deep cleaning but also respect for the environment. Our machines ensure the absence of environmental pollution both inside the work environment and outside. Thanks to the use of ultrasound and a special modified alcohol-based solvent we guarantee the cleanliness of the pieces produced from micro particles of oil and/or impurities and even passing the strictest checks of the medical sector.


The machines can wash a quantity equal to 800Kg/h


By using a dedicated supplier we carry out brake forming of pieces after the lathing process. Starting with the piece turned by our machines based on the design supplied by the client, we brake form the pieces with the characteristics that conform to the design.


The finished product is delivered according to the client’s needs, whether in specific metal containers, cardboard boxes, plastic containers or also in specific blister packs when necessary to avoid damaging the pieces during transportation. All the packaging is accompanied with the specific personalized identification labels according to the client’s needs.



We have an automatic warehouse for the raw materials used for storing bundles of bars.
The introduction of this type of warehouse has allowed the company to reduce space and management times.
It can contain 600 articles of 1,000 Kg each, therefore a total of 600t.


The automatic warehouse for finished products was introduced to maximise space and to satisfy our clients’ needs by maintaining a high level of stock. The distinctive point is the entry roller inside the stock next to the packing area and the exit roller in the loading area.
It can contain 600 articles of 6ookg each for a total of 360T.


The automatic vertical warehouse for equipment contains 126 drawers of 250kg each for a total of about 30t. This is used for the proper management of the company’s equipment and to optimize the set up during changes of production.
The warehouse is managed by a PC that ensures traceability and the inventory of all the equipment.


The automatic warehouse for the tools is used for holding the stock of all the tools used on the multiple spindle lathes during production and to guarantee easy and quick traceability.

The main advantages of this warehouse are as follows:

Codification of all the tools;
Reduction of the search times for available tools;
Inventory control;
Reduction of work costs.

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