National and international supply of lathed fittings for the conditioning systems
Production of fittings for air conditioners

Hydraulics/Earth moving

Erba Spa, the automatic turning workshops in the province of Bergamo, deals with the production of pipe fittings and small metals fittings for hydraulics and earth moving machines

In its two workshops in Palazzago and Barzana in the province of Bergamo, the metalworking company Erba Spa specializes in the production of bar drawn fittings for various sectors, one of which is hydraulics and earth moving machines.

Specifically for this sector the metalworking company Erba Spa produces:

  • hose nozzles with or without thread
  • nuts
  • quick couplings
  • bends
  • crimp collets

At the client’s request the materials checked are by eddy current testing by Circograph and ultrasound. These checks are carried out both in the billets and after drawing so guaranteeing total integrity of the materials.

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